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We are Thai Nanny and Maid agent who create opportunities for you to select the quality and hard working employees such as nanny, maid, cook, driver and elder care. Our basis service is coordinate with the employees in order to recruit and employ the appropriate person. Service Area has covered Bangkok and other provinces in the United Kingdom of Thailand.
Employee Nanny and Maid
Nanny Nanny (Job Description)
• Bathroom, bedroom including all equipments, cloth and toys for Child
• Brush teeth, nail cut and general body cleaning
• Cook child meal (age not exceed 1 year) and feeding
• Motivate and create activities for IQ and EQ development
Others service which follow by the mother’s advice

Maid House Keeper (Job Description)
General Cleaning:
• Furniture
• Equipment and laundry
• Grocery shoping, cooking (depends on individual skill) or food preparing
• Car wash and taking care of garden
• Open-Close house gate
Others service which follow by the employer’s advice

Elder Care Elder Care (Job Description)
• Bathroom, bedroom including all equipments for Elder
• Taking a bath, dressing, taking care of defecation in case that the seniors can not do by themselves
• Feeding medicine and meals
• Physical therapy
• Being a friend and create activities for recreation such as reading, taking to the park
Others service which follow by the employer’s advice

Cook Cook (Job Description)
• Do grocery shopping
• Cook & Clean all equipment and the kicthen
• Feeding medicine and meals
• Set table
Others service which follow by the employer’s advice

Why Us

  • There is no charge on top of employee’s salary; therefore the employees will get paid at their performance.
  • In the second month, the employer will pay wages directly to the employee.
  •    Therefore, the employer is curtained that the employee will receive the exactly as the usual and reasonable
    31 Petkasem Soi 38, Bangwah,
    Paseejaroen, Bkk 10160 Thailand
    Telephone: 66 2 457 8588 Facsimile: 66 2 868 6896
    Mobile: 66 83 123 1688
    Monday to Saturday 08.30 am. – 05.30 pm.

    Main Service
    - Selective appropriate person for employer
    - Cooperate and manage the employee Interview Service with employer.

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    -  2 days informing in advance is required in order to making appointment with the coordinator.
    -  The appointment for Interview Serviceing must be confirmed in the morning of the Interview Service day. In
       case of unable to reach or confirm, appointment will be automatically canceled.

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    Telephone : 66 2 457 8588
    Facsimile : 66 2 868 6896
    Mobile : 66 83 123 1688
    Email : yaowarin@nannyandmaid.com

    Mon to Sat  08.30 am. – 05.30 pm.

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